First Post

Welcome to Gee Jen MOTW


(so I’m going to leave it at that because although I’m sure I’ve thought of some awesome ideas for my first post none are coming to me right this minute and I think it’s about time I just got started. I want this blog to be about things I am, trying to avoid things I’m not – although I think the two go somewhat hand in hand.It’s easier at most times to know what your not ((at least in my case)) and one thing I’m not is a writer but this blog has been on my mind for quite awhile. I wanted to give up fb and thought I could create a blog to fill the void. I love reading blogs and I love discussing differences of opinions so my favourite blogs are those that generate conversation, that’s why I want my tagline to be – conversation starter. I don’t think in real life I’m very good at conversations, particularly sharing of myself, well particularly sharing of my private thoughts and feelings, something I really want to improve on particularly with my husband but that’s a bit of a side note.

…anyway I’ve given up fb, got back on and only just writing my first blog so yeah it’s definitely time to JUST PRESS POST (although technically I think at this stage I’m editing as WordPress automatically posts your first Hello World post)….

ok now – just do it GJ and we’ll see how it goes


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