I am a researcher (and I suck at apps)

I currently have 23 tabs open in this browser.

I am a gen-yer but I was a late comer to the smart phone game and I really still don’t feel confident with apps/applications

This morning my period started (Yay! :p ) and I’ve been meaning to get a period tracker app for awhile so immediately after putting on a pad* I came to the computer to research the best app for this function.

14 tabs later (and lets be honest I have managed to close a few) I completed my research and finally downloaded one – put in my period start date and put it away to explore another day.

Right now I’m busy explaining to you why such an easy thing became a drawn out process!

Firstly – I googled best period app and from those results opened

http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/best-period-tracking-apps (list and review of four apps)


http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-best-period-tracker-apps-ios-android/ (The 4 Best Period Tracker Apps for iOS & Android)

I picked one that looked good – MonthPal and searched for it on the Play store only to find it….didn’t exist?

So i started up a new google browser to try and find MonthPal and looked on the Play store for my second choice Period Tracker. But for some reason I wanted more – I wanted MonthPal dang it, it wasn’t pink, it looked simply and it showed exactly the info I wanted to know.

So back to my first google search and I changed it to ‘Best period app for android’ and opened

http://orgasmicdiscourses.com/best-period-tracker-app/ The Best Period Tracker App for Connecting With Your Magical Powers [Update]


http://appcrawlr.com/android-apps/best-apps-period-tracker – the best website for my research

from these I decided on Period tracker / Calendar only to find again it didn’t exist – my search for the non-existential apps showed that indeed they probably no longer existed, typical for the two I wanted and then a third had the same issue (Day After)!

Eventually eventually I decided on Period Calendar – lets hope it does what I want it to 🙂

*ps The pads I use our Tsuno and you should definitely check them out

pps In the interest of sharing more of my life whilst I sat and wrote this I had was interrupted for lunch, a puzzle and had the background noise of a baby boy (2) going to sleep (or trying very hard not to)

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