Not good enough Australia (I am a political activist)

The refugee situation in Australia has been on mind a bit lately.

I am absolutely horrified at the thought of children being abused whilst in the care of our government, in detention centres. Australia has in recent years apologised for the stolen generation, for abuse in children’s homes but it does not seem to be getting better!

I like to believe I am someone who stands up for what I believe, to this end I have written emails to a few of my political representatives regarding the border force protection act and signed two different related petitions. The honest truth though is I don’t know enough about this issue. I was reading lately from the words of a refugee on the website Behind the wire….

“It’s hard to see myself getting tired physically but lots of times I get tired mentally. Mentally means when I see the politics in Australia, it’s not working and it’s playing games with people, and I get really tired. Because I would love to see something nice after 30-something years working as a human rights activist. It’s really hard to see. Another thing also – the news in the world, the Gaza and Iraq situations. [ISIS] Civilians killed for nothing. Crazy people. It’s a broken heart, you know. Seeing those pictures on TV and also hear it everywhere, it stops me to be happy at all. But it does not stop me to be political activist. Still I’m happy to continue this until the end. – http://behindthewire.org.au/2015/06/ali/

The latest news I’m seeing is that there have been 67 child abuse allegations at Nauru (http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/child-asylum-seeker-alleges-rape-in-shower-and-253-nauru-detainees-attempt-selfharm-senate-inquiry-hears-20150717-gieja6.html). It’s not good enough Australia

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