Do Actions Speak Louder than Words

I just updated my About page which included this ‘I stand up for what I believe and think actions count way more than words (although a caring word can be an action)’

And then I started thinking about it a bit more, if I’m going to be a blogger I think I have to believe that words too are powerful.

So which is it actions or words?

As with most things in life I guess its a balance of the two. To start with I wrote this in regards to politics. I don’t like people who complain about things (I.e. politics) but don’t do anything themselves to make things better. I was trying to say it’s all well and good to think/say somethings not right but if you don’t do anything about it, you’re just as much to blame. I feel Australian politics focuses way too much on blame games rather than developing good policies that will actually help our country and the people in it (or in the case of refugees trying to come to it). The last couple weeks I have written a few emails to politicians and one phone call so I guess I’m feeling pretty smug and ‘better than thou’ because I have done something albeit extremely small.

But it was WORDS I use to do something. Words are extremely powerful. They can be used for good or bad or in the case of the complainer for nothing?

That’s enough thinking for a sunday night. Wishin you a wonderful week

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