Melancholy (a week in the life of GJMOTW)

I’ve been feeling tired this week. I was about to say it was finally a quieter week but no I was in town four out of five days (hour round trip). I didn’t have any major tasks though and we used all our data so internet speed is next to zero plus I have no books on the go.

Its 6pm on a Friday night and I’m home alone, hubby has taken the kids to the neighbours and I’m preparing to go out with a girlfriend for a show. It’s so nice to have some alone time. I don’t know if its menstrual moods, depression swings or what but I feel like I have a lot of emotions within me I went to let loose – preferably through tears but because it’s not really about anything in particular nothing is happening and I just feel….melancholy.

Some events from my week:

-my two year old is enjoying going through a defiant stage, I dearly want my lovable son back!

-we did a school tour with my five year old – now that is a major mixed bag of emotions

-work was busy – joint visit with client and family discussing importance of looking into an assessment for memory loss, a mother worried about her daughter married to an alcoholic – such a caring lady with no sense of self-worth and I worry she lacks the trust that God’s grace is enough, a fly through with a lonely lady and finding out a client has bone cancer and won’t be receiving active treatment for it

-GP appointment which actually went well – reassurance about anti-depressant dosage, contraception and recurring headaches

-a meeting with a potential work friend/mentor/study partner cancelled due to expecting a death in the family another one went ahead but just havn’t had head space this week to look into possibly further study options (good to discuss though)

So now I best get shoes on, bag packed and enjoy my night.

What are you up to?

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