In sickness and in health

I don’t deal very well with sickness, at least not within my own family or myself. I seem to manage it ok through work though!

This week I sent my daughter to kindy even after she’d woken during the night complaining of a stomach ache and then vomited a half hour before we left for bus drop off. I was being selfish – I desperately wanted my Monday at home, just me and my boy catching up. when I rang kindy thought to warn them they let me know they had a 24hour post vomiting rule so we headed into to pick her up. Ooops

Then yesterday hubby was home sick. I’m not very helpful when he feels unwell, although I think maybe I am getting better. I did at least ask him if there was anything I could do and even though I too wasn’t feeling 100% I tried to keep the kids out of his way.

I had a very slack day and during the might suffered myself from the bug 😦

Luckily my parents came to the rescue, Mum helped me clean up while Dad took the kids to pick up a load of manure, then we had lunch together and they took the kids home for a sleepover.

So this week has been simply about surviving – hope to have something more interesting for you next week!


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