Situation Vacant: Personal Chef


This is such a very easy question for me!

A) I have local grandparents

B) I can live in a mess but I always need to eat

C) Yes, yes, yes PLEASE!!!!

D) Personal shopper is actually tempting if it included read-to-eat meals!!

I try not to say the words in an attempt to keep positive, but I hate cooking. I soooo wish I didn’t. I can put food together i.e. chicken, jar of chicken tonight and rice but anymore effort than that and I struggle big time.

I’m especially down about it at the moment due to the Spring challenge I’ve joined and knowing I need to make changes to my diet but having zero confidence/motivation in the kitchen. I blame my lack of arm strength, impatience and mother, poor lady for not teaching me.

Fortunately hubby’s not too bad a cook, unfortunately he comes late/tired/grumpy and doesn’t know how to put together a shopping list.

What would you choose? Oh and any advice please for changing my mindset in the ktichen!?!?


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