An ode to my JJB Girls

Five plus years ago pretty well 6 now, I was newly pregnant and I think looking for a website that gave week by week accounts of the pregnancy journey, or perhaps I was searching for something else, all I know is somehow I came across the Huggies Forums and joined the Due in July group – my due date was my Grandma’s birthday.

Little did I know that in five plus years, I would be doing a 3 hour drive, to catch a plane to Sydney to meet ten girls from that exact forum.

This weekend I have done exactly that!! #JJB Convention

Our Huggies forum grew to 50 odd pages long. Post babies (some like my own who were born in June (I have a feeling some were even May??), we migrated to Facebook, the old style groups then we created the June July Baby profile who we’ve all befriended.

I visit this page almost daily. These are my go-to girls. I never feel alone because I know that I can post to these amazing women anytime of day or night and be supported, encouraged and just plain old cheered up.

They are the ultimate Mums Group. They are my rocks. They are the ones who all I need to do is think about telling whats going on and it already starts to feel better.

We are coming together from all over Australia and New Zealand and while I’m crazy nervous I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!

I’m not sure I would have survived motherhood without them. My online village.


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