Christmas Shopping

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

  • Get in all on lay-by in the June/July toy sales?
  • Buying all year long?
  • Organised in October or November?
  • Or last minute?

I’m a  start thinking in October it would be great to get organised early this year. 2. Stress in November that I’m not organised. 3. Have a day in December where I get majority of it done (this year with hubby in tow) and then bemoan myself for all my stressing. Although I’m sure the last step is start stressing again about the little things I still need to get done!!

Had to write this post before I went to bed tonight to remind myself it’s ok to leave the shopping until December. It always gets done. Today was a productive shopping day, my kids are pretty well done and I have a good idea about those still to be completed. Such a relief!

Next question – who do you buy for?

My husband and I are a bit scroogy. We buy for the kids obviously, sometimes for each other. Still doing all the nieces and nephews (we have 8), then Kris Kringle for two of the adults on my side of the family and this year we are trialling a random present (game style) on hubby’s side – bit excited about that actually as Kris Kringle has pretty well become ask what the person wants somewhat covertly and buy it, not a lot of creativity. Don’t do many presents for friends depends on my mood!

Wishing you successful shopping!!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. I’m a bit of a mix too. I don’t normally start before October, unless I see something really awesome on sale. But I always have the odd thing to get in December. It’s not December if there’s no Christmas shopping…. 😉

    I bought my last pressie today!!!

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