How can I judge?

I’m a bit scared to share this…

A big news story in Australia over the Christmas break was the horrible deaths of a father and his two sons in a smallish country town. I don’t want to describe it so you may need to find a news article if you haven’t heard of it – google search Port Lincoln.

Of course social media saw a storm of articles following. His family came out with statements sharing that the father had seemed plagued with mental health issues – sadly without seeking help. His wife came out with words of love despite his actions. Many causes sought to use this awful incident for raising awareness of their own issues for example domestic violence. I however have been hesitant to equate theses tragic deaths with anything – we do not know all the details.

Many have rightfully  been appalled that a father could kill his children but I have a secret. I have experienced suicidal thoughts. I have been in the dark depths of depression. At one time I found myself thinking that if I killed myself I would have to kill my children too.

It was an awful place to be in.

I feel I can’t judge anyone without knowing all the details – not when I have had the same thoughts.

Do you judge me?


If you are struggling or know of anyone, have a look at this site and take action:https://mhaustralia.org/need-help

3 thoughts on “How can I judge?

  1. I agree. People are very quick to judge others, but they rarely have all the facts. Unfortunately, not a lot of people care about facts these days. Thank you for sharing a story with a topic that has been a taboo for a long time. Not everyone believe that Mental Health is a thing, but I can assure you that it is very real and a lot of people suffer from some kind of mental illness. It is important to seek help through a general practitioner, or at least talk to friends and/or family about this. If anyone know someone struggling, have a look at this site and take action: https://mhaustralia.org/need-help

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I still feel tight in my stomach since posting. Fortunately I am in a good place with my mental health right now but your advice is spot on. I think I will edit the post and include your link – thank you

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