Hosting Bookclub 101


Welcome to your step by step guide on

How-to-host a french themed book club feast

  1. Don’t finish reading the book
  2. Plan your work day for book club day so you don’t have time to stress out (also helps to have a super flexible job)
  3. Months in advance say yes to having a boarder so you will have a helping hand
  4. Two nights before decide on french theme due to setting of book. Google easy french recipes, choose a couple including slow cooker recipe so you can be super organised due to No.2
  5. Day before don’t do the shopping because you are too hot and bothered – it will save you in the end
  6. Night before ring Mum and ask if she can do slow cooker recipe for you the next day because you ‘forgot’ to buy ingredients (should be easy with her 5yo grand-daughter available to help)
  7. Realise not you or your husband can get the printer working ring Mum again and ask her to print out recipes you’ve emailed – get her advice on recipes and do some further researching
  8. Write out plan for next day, try and organise someone to look after kids while hubby at cricket training. Have brainwave as going to bed
  9. Ask Hubby to ask MIL re: baby-sitting brainwave
  10. Get ready for work, drop off son to day-care, take daughter to Mum’s, find out their printer doesn’t work either, ring the office across the road and beg them to print for you – they kindly help out
  11. Ask Mum (very nicely) if she possibly has any extra time today if she could buy ALL the other ingredients
  12. Go to work, enjoy your day
  13. Ring hubby at lunch time, find he hasn’t spoken to MIL, speak to her yourself, get it organised.
  14. Return to Mums to the smell of something wonderful in the slow cooker and bags of shopping – know you are one spoilt 28 year old
  15. Head down the street for an empty post box and a full trolley of all the other things you need
  16. Pick up all the stuff, all the children and travel home – you are ahead of schedule thanks to a shorter work day
  17. Get everything out of the car and unpacked
  18. It’s time to ‘cook and clean’ hmmmm……
  19. Boarder offers to help, get her going on the salad
  20. Fluff around/Feed children/Bath children
  21. Send children off (ahhhhhhh)
  22. Clean up lounge, rearrange furniture, get boarder to help you bring in extra chairs
  23. Fluff around some more doing an impersonation of a chook with head chopped off
  24. Get Boarder to make up croissants get started on tartines – realise recipe talks about broiling, google, give up
  25. Put cheese sticks, cheese platter, dips on fancy white platters
  26. Get plates and importantly wine glasses out
  27. People start arriving, get the first two to help with tartine alternative bruschetta things
  28. Guests say lovely things about everything, you sit down and enjoy the night

Recipes =

Chicken With Tarragon and Leeks ( from http://www.realsimple.com/)

Nicoise Salad (from http://www.taste.com.au/ – combo of two)

Summer Squash Tartines (http://jellytoastblog.com/summer-squash-tartine/)

Dessert: French Cheesecake courtesy of Sara Lee

The Book

 Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Only one attendee had finished the book indeed she had read it multiple times. One had watched the movie and another cliff notes. We still managed a robust discussion particularly on feminism. Official rating was 6.5 however this was an average from only two sets of data. Most of us found it difficult to get into.

7 thoughts on “Hosting Bookclub 101

  1. I like the idea of a themed Book Club night. Hadn’t actually thought of that before as we just go out to dinner but this could be fun.


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