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Ooops blog failure

My aim for this blog is to post at least once a week, but looking at my stats today it’s been 8 days sine my last posting – ooops.

Today feels like a Saturday for me. My first day ‘off-ish’ since I last posted. Life is quite busy, and I still have to catch up on the dishes from a roast lunch with friends on Sunday!

Last Thursday I went down to the big smoke for an interview….and I got accepted into a Masters course on Counselling. Feeling pretty excited but as my husband keeps kindly reminding me – I will have to somehow fit the study in!

On Friday I was interviewed for a research study by a Phd in Philosophy candidate – was different to what I had expected but a pretty good experience. I also had to rush my daughter after school to her ballet studio for her uniform fitting, thank goodness we got there when we did, the line after was looonng.

Saturday was cricket and pool party, Sunday church and visitors.

Then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked and it’s already Friday again – still havn’t finished the dishes but getting oh so close and on the positive side, I had a nap ysterday.

So yes life is busy – but good 🙂


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