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Sleeptime Battles

Not the best start to the morning folks. While my children are now (practically) 3 and 5 – sleep time issues are still a common issue. It is particularly hard on my husband who is NOT a morning person.

On New Year’s Eve we put them together in the same room, I can’t say for sure it’s been worse sine then but it certainly hasn’t been easier!

I do think the issues come in dips and troughs (is that even the saying?! *edit peaks and troughs maybe?) but once you are in the midst of them they feel never-ending.

I wish I could remind my dear hubby what it was like when they were younger and literally waking up throughout the night, as it is for sure better than that but we still have constant visitors and battles at both bed time and in the morning.

My 5yo daughter goes to bed reasonably well – after an hour or so (probably increased since having a playmate in her room), she’s just so tired. Our son however…….I believe he would try and stay awake all night.

We put our kids to bed at 7 mostly rain, hail or shine because by then I just need SPACE. When they were in their own rooms we would just shut our sons door and eventually 1.5 hours or so later he would fall asleep (I know it seems cruel to have him in their awake so long but this is parenthood I’m trying to survive). Closing the door is not so easy a solution now as the screaming would wake child no.1 so late nights are common – he often only goes to sleep when one of us decide to call it a night and cuddle with him.

So that’s night time, but wait it’s not over, next we are woken up before the crack of dawn….

This morning Dancing Girl (yep just came up with a new name) came in at 2am – I’m starting to think I really need to take her back but at 2-4am I tend to just roll over. Then Farmer Boy came in so I snuck over DG and cuddled up with him in his bed, then she came back to their room 5.45ish, I asked her to go back to bed with Dad until 6am and then she could go watch tv. Dad however said she needed to stay til 6.30 and thats when all hell broke loose. Lots of tears and bed swapping later I was up with both kids in the lounge by 6.30.

I get frustrated with Hubby as he always wants them to have more sleep, well so do I but I know that once their ‘awake’ there’s not much chance of that happening so I’m more willing to let them up, particularly if there’s a chance the other will stay asleep without them around. Sigh.

On the plus side we did get to sleep in til just before 7 this morning as finally they were that worn out – takes three or so bad days to get to that stage though!!


How did/do you survive sleeptime battles?


One thought on “Sleeptime Battles

  1. We had a routine and the kids saw bedtime coming about an hour or so in advance of actually being in bed. It was bath which took about 30 min or so, then a drink of water (not a whole glass), trip to the bathroom, then into the bed for a story, then lights out. We never allowed them to come into our bed, but always went to theirs if there was a nightmare, or any night time wake ups, and we (whichever was dealing with it) only stayed until they fell asleep again, then it was back to our own bed. It is actually good for a kid to have the alone time, and learn to entertain themselves and fall asleep on their own. You could try having a special stuffed toy that is only given to them at bed time and unless they are in bed they cannot have it. Kids really need to have is comforting to them and they find transitions easier if they know what is coming next. It also is comforting to them because they know you are in charge of their world, and although at times they act like they want to be in charge of their world, they really don’t…it is part of their sense of security to know that their parents are in charge as they grow up. I don’t know if this helps you, but that is what we did and it seemed to work for us. Also we did have a bit later bed time of 8:30pm, which would probably put your kids awake a bit later also. They are too young to know that you have allowed them to stay up later so no worries about them thinking they have manipulated you…that comes later on…lol!


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