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A week in the life…..or if you prefer reflections from my week

Last Saturday night I sat on the couch with a dear friend and we started watching Outlander. I’d bought volume one and two that day, 2 for $40 – go me! I’d heard about it from cousin last year and recently tried to start it at a friends house on Netflix but alas the cherubs had interrupted.

Sunday I woke up sick although not too bothered. I thought I’d be able to stay home while Hubby took the kids to church but no he didn’t feel up to that challenge by himself so I simply slept the day away. And then stayed up all night watching. Was nice to think to myself it was school holidays so surely I wouldn’t suffer too much for a late night, hmmm.

So four days later I was still feeling nauseas and bought a pregnancy test to pee on in the public restrooms while taking a lunch break at work – negative PHEW. I went from terrified I might be pregnant, to trusting God knew best,  to seeing it all as a confirmation that I don’t want anymore children. Even if my boy is terribly cute with babies.

Anyway back to Outlander – I finished the season and LOVED it. Strong-willed woman meets handsome outlaw Scotsman, my review in under 10 words. Now I want to read the books – although I am current reading Magda’s memoir for bookclub and was going to start re-reading Tomorrow When the War Began (John Marsden). Book dilemma’s….

So that’s my week in a nutshell Outlander, Sickness and which book next? well you know plus kid wrangling, work, cleaning, washing….

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