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New Laptop

I’ve actually enjoyed this last month when I’ve been computer less (well still had hubby’s desktop and my phone!). Of course it all started at a time when a had a million assignments due – thanks Microsoft for updating to your latest version – not. But the forced break gave me time to appreciate mother nature’s beautiful mornings, green green paddock and time with friends.

But now I’ve got my new shiny laptop? I am sooo over technology. I mean I love it, I love social media, wordpress, google all these things I use virtually everyday but I hate it too.

I hate my dependence and how much it ruins ‘everything’ when something goes wrong – maybe because my troubleshooting skills are minimal.

I hate constant internet issues. I hate what my obsession to technology is doing to my back and neck. It’s frustrating that so many of my activities of choice are done in front of a screen.

And I especially hate when I check social media and there is nothing interesting to read!! Facebooks algorithms have been very off for me lately. I miss my interesting news articles and inspiring opinion pieces. Anyone know how I can find them again?

Have read a few articles today saying Pokémon Go is the start of a new era in social media, could be exciting times ahead. Possibly I should check out snapchat but at 29 I’m such an old-fart and consider it a thing for younger hip kids!

For this cold sunday afternoon I’m going to resort/escape to re-reading an old favourite book (and will neglect to mention I’m using an ereader as lost the hard copy somewhere in this dear mess infested house of mine!).

What are your feelings on technology? Hope you find an interesting way to occupy your day whether on screen or off 🙂




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