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Licorice Allsorts on Census Night

I was going to have a shower and snuggle up to #4 in John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began series (re-reading these give me a wonderful sense of coming home) but I actually have a lot of things I want to write about, I just don’t have a lot of energy to do any of them justice but what the heck, it’s Census Night!

  1. I love census night 🙂
  2. I really don’t understand why the religion question is now optional. The option of marking no religion is there and as far as I see it you either have a religion or not, why are people more sensitive about this then sharing their income? I guess people just don’t see religion as relevant but conversely ancerstry is??
  3. MAC again – referred a client via the website earlier this month letting it go through as a RAS ax as her needs at that time wern’t ugent but she was definitely in need of additional services – which unfortunately under DVA requirements I had no capacity to assist in. I followed it up today and apparently they rang twice and whenbthere was no answer closed the file. ARRGGGGHhhhhhhh. This client has now lost her drivers license making her needs a lot more urgent, extra services could already be in progress except for….MAC
  4. NDIA providers are facing even worse issues with the new myplace portal, meaning they can’t get paid – been good to get out my political pen/keyboard again
  5. On a positive note had a client tell me last week how lucky I am to have young kids and it was a great reminder that I should be trying to enjoy and embrace it
  6. Had a good GP appt last week, a student doctor saw me and while we waited for my usual GP to sign the script I asked some questions related to a client with memory concerns, was quite useful, although I was a bit disappointed she encouraged me to seek a special presciption only appt – I think it’s good to have regular check-ups with my GP especially considering I have a chronic condition. The questions she asked me about my current mood were a lot different to how when he came in he asked how I was going.
  7. Read an ABC article tonight about recrutintg international GP’s for rural areas – that its not working, rather we should work on recruiting students from rural areas – I still get annoyed about missing out on local jobs when the people who got them have come and gone but I’m still in the area. (it worked out best for me and I’m happy to accept I wasn’t best for the job but when recruiting in rural areas I think supporting willing people planning to spend their entire lives in the area is perhaps a good idea)
  8. Also read articles tonight about the state of SA’s child protection services. Hopefully the recommendations from the commission will result in positive changes. Whenever I read stuff like this I want to DO something but what…
  9. We have a new puppy – so basically I have three kids (plus a grumpy over worked hubby)
  10. Reached 200 likes, yay! Thanks for reading



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