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Things I Like

I wasn’t sure what to blog about today so checked out Discover for some inspiration and found it straight away…

Jessica Gross’ Things We Like started as a simple idea: Each post featured 10 specific things the author enjoys. It’s now an exhibit at the New York Public Library.

via List-Making Love: A Conversation with Things We Like Creator Jessica Gross — Discover

Things Gee Jen likes

  1. When my children hold hands and giggle
  2. Going in to check on the kids before going to bed, realising she does love them even after all they put her through
  3. Reading, reading and reading – books, blogs, articles…
  4. The satisfying feeling when finishing a good book or movie
  5. When either of the above compels me to learn more
  6. Indulging in an hour massage
  7. Staying away from home with my husband
  8. Taking a moment to enjoy the natural environment around me – i.e. a sunset, changing colours of crops
  9. Making a difference in a person’s life – through work, random acts of kindness or just being there
  10. Checking out my sexy husband

And cos I could think of more…

  1. Experiencing the sense of home i.e. driving back into my hometown, re-reading a childhood novel
  2. Eating dessert prepared just for me (thanks Mum!)
  3. Feeling productive – realising at the end of the day I have actually completed what i needed to
  4. Reading over old letters/diary entries/facebook memories
  5. Being on top of my to do list i.e. having bought and sent a card for a friends upcoming birthday
  6. Writing our annual Christmas letter in my head
  7. Stealing moments for myself when my children are happily engaged in an activity
  8. Listening to my children playing nicely together or with a special friend/ family member
  9. Napping
  10. Feeling proud of my childrens, husbands, friends achievements

That’ll do, would you like to share some of yours?


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