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The farmer takes a break?!

It’s Family Business Week (can I get a woop woop) and to celebrate it seems I’m going to do two farm related blogs in a row!

My Darling Hubby is crook, has been on and off for months but as a business owner, let alone a farmer it’s just not that easy to get time off, for holidays let alone to recover from illness. And now he’s getting very grumpy and to be quite frank, it’s affecting my quality of life. When he’s sick he stops communicating, it seems to take too much effort. I try to let him recover but I end up starting to feel lonely and I guess undesirable.

I always told DH to consider myself a city girl when we got married. Although I’d always lived in the country (except 6 years studying in the big smoke) and my grandparents were all primary producers, I knew I was pretty naive regarding farm life.

I don’t consider myself a farmer’s wife, instead I am simply married to a farmer. Not actively involved in the farm* but most definitely affected by it. Farm life has both its perks and challenges ( you don’t say :p ).

Both hubby and I are in desperate need of a break, he from work whereas for me it’s more to spend one on one time with him. We’ve tried a few times recently but father-in-law got injured and instead of getting time off hubby had to double his work load – or attempt to!

Then spraying needed to get done, and shearing got scheduled for the other week we had put forward…. He has had a bit of time off this week, one day after getting pigs onto a truck, another after doing a tank of spray and feeding the animals. Unfortunately this time has been dedicated to cleaning up for a party we’re hosting for our boarder.

It gets frustrating that DH and FIL can’t communicate to work this stuff out, its just simply not a priority but it should be, NEEDs to be. Thus it’s up to me to put my foot down, not fun when DH seems to hate anytime I try to question things/problem solve.

So firstly it’s a struggle to get the time off and then I’m scared our focuses will be incompatible. He’s looking to stop and do nothing whereas I’m just in need of some extra affection. Hopefully we can find an equal balance of the two – when, IF the time comes, please keep your fingers crossed for me!!



*After 7 years of marriage I am much more interested in becoming involved in the farm, learning ways I can help, maybe even taking over the books one day – but not catering for shearing can’t see me ever saying yes to that!!


5 thoughts on “The farmer takes a break?!

  1. We are about to embark on the farming life. Well I am as I will be rearing calves. I expect to be a vegetarian in about a months time. 🙂


      1. We were! And there you go, no mention of night feeds until now. Trying hard not to swear. I’m looking for a tiara so I can pretend I’m still a PRINCESS. No one can take that away from me. Just say some prayers the calves survive 🙂


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