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I am enough – hope continues

Felt a bit down this afternoon, even though in general it’s been a great weekend.  I have this one friendship in which I feel I can’t do anything right, or more so I keep doing the wrong thing. So as a bit of a pick me up I’m going to allow myself a bit of a brag moment of the things I have been doing right, so excuse me for blowing my own horn but sometimes we all need a reminder that we are enough.

  • I dropped off some soup to my sick brother-in-law today, his girlfriend is overseas and even though his ill health meant Hubby had extra work to do  AND even though the soup was shop bought, it certainly felt like a very old fashioned nice thing to do
  • Got a birthday present right, even brought my OT knowledge in to do it
  • Hosted a party for our boarder
  • Have a few friends going through some tough times lately and I feel like I’ve been able to be there for a friendly message, catch up or organising a special treat – indeed these very things are a part of what I value most in life….

And it certainly changes the world for me. Makes me feel that who I am is enough to make a difference in a person’s life. The hope that all it takes is a kind word, a friendly smile to make the world a better place.

It’s a pretty awesome feeling actually.


Have you done a feel good deed lately?



2 thoughts on “I am enough – hope continues

  1. Hi, Your approach to feeling a bit down is inspiring and very healthy. We do have to reflect over what we have done well sometimes. If we don’t, we risk only seeing the negatives. Have a better day tomorrow. Dean.


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