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2017 Brainwave!

I’ve had a GOOD start to 2017 with lots of little positives to keep track of. Excitingly I think I’m going to make them into a regular post, yes this blog is about to get serious!

Following the example of This One Matters I’m going to attempt a weekly Gratitude/Positives of the Week list along with getting involved with Sam’s weekly reading blog (WWW – Wednesday) and her When are you reading?  challenge. I am feeling pumped!

I’d also like to try to commit to a fortnightly issue post – I have heaps of topics in my drafts but they need a bit longer than the usual time frame I give myself to write a post. On second thoughts I think I better make it a monthly blog. As well as of course/ I hope, my regular random blogs. Hmmm I think my morning-snuggling-in-bed brainwave may have been a bit wishful but what is January for other than setting the bar high!

How has your year started?

Do you have any blogging goals for 2017?

Stay tuned for potentially 2+ weekly posts from me 🙂



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