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No. 1 Gratitude Post

Well I’ve done ok with my reading posts, not so well with the gratitude ones – will probably toss that idea in the bin before January is even over! But let’s at least get one out, especially as it has been a good start to 2017.

New Years  I went to a party I kinda felt guilted into attending, drank too much too quick, slowed right down and felt ready to leave, especially as attempting to get kids to take up a restful activity and hopefully fall asleep (which of course was never going to happen).

I still enjoyed being out but did end up getting picked up by my dear Mum and Dad on their way home from a party. Thus ending the year being read a bed-time story by my dear Mum, snuggled in bed with my two babies, with my Dad sitting in view, listening to the midnight church bells ring – perfection.

I also got to wake up at Mum and Dads which is always a luxury knowing I’ve got help with the kiddos and generally meaning I can laze in bed that bit longer 🙂 Add to that attending church with them and getting lots of hugs from dear parishioners. It really was a good start to the year.

Other Highlights of 2017 so far:

  • Time to watch and then read Outlanders
  • Master C waking up sooo happy and playing hide and seek under the sheets together
  • Miss H’s helpfulness packing up the Christmas tree
  • Cuddles with my nephew
  • Teacher friends!! Who come and visit and entertain the kids 🙂
  • Vacswim, giving mush needed routine to the summer holidays – not to mention the joy of seeing my two swimmers improve and love the water
  • Country cricket catch ups
  • Much desired bowen therapy for my aching body
  • 6 year old birthday parties
  • Escaping fighting siblings for a day of work!


My other blogging goal was for a monthly ‘issue’ post – I thought I’d try and keep myself accountable by letting you know this months topic – ‘Legalising Same Sex Marriage in Australia’, if you have anything you want me to consider feel free to let me know in the comments.


Would also love to hear your highlights of 2017 so far….


Wishing my readers a happy weekend ☼

(ps thank you to my lovely followers I recently reached 100 leaving me feeling pretty chuffed!)




5 thoughts on “No. 1 Gratitude Post

  1. Congrats on the 100 followers mark!
    I’ll be curious to see what angle you take with your issue topic. For me, I believe that anything less than full equality isn’t fair, because “separate but equal” is still separate. I have lots of other thoughts along the same line too.


  2. Thank you for the follow! Not sure how you found me but it brought me here! I also tried to do a gratitude series in my personal blog. (My husband and I have a Travel Blog.) I didn’t keep it up either. Maybe because my life is nothing but gratitude, every breath is breathed thankfully! Anyway, here is the URL to part 1 of gratitude, what I referred to as Balance. It’s followed by part 2 and that’s the end!


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