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Home day curse?

I’ve done my back. Well actually the issue is more in my hips and it is very much improved from Wednesday but….

First time this year I had some free time our puppy broke his leg

Second time I got majorly stressed out

Third time I couldn’t walk for 2 days

I’m sensing a pattern I am in no way impressed with. But then again these things are meant to come in threes so I should be ok now, right? Right?!?

Life however is good

I’ve been really enjoying A Place to Call Home although it has also challenged my beliefs around homosexuality – the treatment of a man in this series because of his sexual desires is horrific

I’ve caught up on my wordpress feed, so much good stuff – I think my next challenge is to read a non-fiction book perhaps one by Neil Postman

I’ve handed in all due assignments so far – this week will be the big challenge though with my first lengthy essay.

All three of my teams won their games today – be warned netball related post on my mind

I love my kids and family – what more can i say 🙂

Hope you’re weekend is going well, preferably less the aches and pains I’m experiencing but also full of love.


It’s nice to touch base, God bless


ps Feel free to share a tidbit from your life – I need all the distraction from study I can get!!

7 thoughts on “Home day curse?

  1. This sounds like the farmer on holiday curse…I know so many who get sick when they finally take some time off, and pastors too, cough. Although, last time, I more than made up for both of us while we were on LSL. My back has been bad lately too, I hear your pain. Glad it’s getting better though!
    I am pretty darn sure we have both read “Amusing ourselves to Death” but it’s been so long I can’t remember what my exact thoughts were. Will have to go remind myself.
    If you are looking for something absolutely brilliant, poignant and laugh out loud hilarious, (and fictional) have you ever read, “A Confederacy of Dunces”? It is really brilliant. I think I might read it again.
    Darrin just got home, he said he remembers he thought Postman’s book was really good.

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  2. Oooooh! Neil Postman! Of the six (two co-authored) I’ve read so far, I’d recommend Amusing Ourselves to Death first. Teaching As A Subversive Activity is my favorite, but a little slower/less conversational.
    I’ll be moving to McLuhan soon. Postman mentions him all the time, and he just came up in my Boomers book, too. 🙂

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  3. Nice to see the book recommendations. I am resting a bit today as my back hurts. Probably from lugging around a six-month old last week. I am not used to carrying a wiggly baby. She’s worth it of course. Happy Weekend!


    1. And here I was thinking I was special with a sore back! Looks like we all need to look after ourselves. So glad you enjoyed your time with your grand daughter. Thank you for engaging ☺

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