Just saying G’day

Would have really liked to do a post this week but alas the weekend is almost over and I spent my evening watching and reflecting on an awesome Australian Survivor episode :p

Things have been pretty tough in my marriage lately. In lieu of a post I’d like to share this poem from Pleasant Street at Are You Thrilled which really struck and resonated with me:

No man’s land

I set up camp there
when my world is too much
and yours is unreachable
I build my safety net there
even though you never
asked me to

(your claim is full disclosure)

What do I need?
I don’t remember, as I have
learned to do without
this ground
with its rotting and wounded
feels oddly safe

Affection would be nice
after all this time
but I can get myself off
like any other day
and I hear you say ‘no’
not that kind of touch

The touch of lips on a heart
injured and bleeding

(no man left behind?)


If you are the praying kind please consider a prayer for my husband and I, and our two beautiful living children, that we can continue living faithfully together as a family.

5 thoughts on “Just saying G’day

  1. Oh wow, so something told me to click on ‘marriage’ in your tags and I see you posted a poem of mine back last autumn. Wow, I’m glad you could relate.
    We are struggling too, and I am a praying person. I’ll be praying for you and your marriage and your whole family.

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      1. Thank you Jen, I will definitely check it out. This might surprise you but we’ve been married 29 years ^_^ so we do have something to be feeling good about but we have a long path to making things good again.

        Thanks so much for replying–

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      2. Marriage is for the long haul, with so many ups and downs along the way, congratulations on 29 years, we can celebrate together next year our 10th and 30th wedding anniversaries 🙂

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