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Woop Woop and Reading Challenges


Thanks all!!

I also added a badge to my blog yesterday – no idea if I did it right but there is an image so that’s a good sign?? I’m joining the Aussie Author Challenge 2018 starting at the beginner wallaby level. Both Sheridan Jobbins and Deborah Hyde from yesterdays blog meet requirements meaning I have completed 2/3 reads. I may graduate myself to Wallaroo level.

Find out more here 🙂

I’m tempted to also include Deborah Hyde’s memoir in the When You Are Reading Challenge but I havn’t quite committed to that one yet….

I also found this cool Book Bingo for 2018 and Paul seems to be doing an interesting reading challenge too.

Since I’m dropping a number of links here I may as well add one more, spotlighting I *think* my favourite book reviewer Holly found at . It is very scary to name a favourite when I like so many so please accept that this title is given on the spur of the moment without analysis! I’m quietly confident however that others will agree with me – she’s pretty awesome and wonderfully friendly too.

One of the things I love best about Holly’s blog is how pretty everything looks. She is a college student majoring in English (currently at Oxford!!) and gives great insight to some of the books she’s studied plus so many others! She regularly posts Top Ten Tuesdays, Feminist Fridays and great discussion pieces. It’s hard to know what I might like to ask Holly, she frequently does Q and A’s on her blog already. But Holly may I ask what one tip you would give for aspiring book reviewers? Does anyone else have book review tips or recommendations?

Finally a big shout to Aman for his response to my first ever spotlight found here, I loved learning more about you!

Hope you all have a lovely week 🙂

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