Priorities 2019

I’ve struggled a lot with motivation and I think prioritising so to start the New Year I’ve decided to write a bit of list to keep me on track….


I’m sure there’s a few more things I should consider i.e. friends, gym…… but I think this is a good starting point / guide post.

Having said that priority No. 1 for this week is… time on the beach 🙂

Wishing you all a blessed week.

What priorities do you have – for 2019?


2 thoughts on “Priorities 2019

  1. Family, Health (gym), Friends, Clients. I am fortunate that I have been able to live my priorities since becoming a SAHM and then transitioning to being a small business owner. Not as easy to do when you are a cog in the wheel for a corporation. I spent a solid 15 years working excessive hours at a job that I adored. I think that would have gotten old if I stuck with it.

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