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Feelings about The Public and life

Things weren’t going right last Wednesday – just little things – like not getting my preferred parking spots on the main drag in my small country town. Cos you know it meant I had walk a few extra metres….

And then this week I was just tired (it has been rather cold). Monday started out good, I had a cancellation = time to get ahead which surely would mean a head-start for Tuesday. Maybe if I’d had some motivation…

I still got through things. It just feels like whenever I’m close to getting on top with potential to get to the extra things i.e. cleaning out the darned spare room, things fall apart.

In all this I have finished a book AND saw an awesome movie today. So of course I can’t really complain.


Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak

It was another big book which took awhile to suck me in. And if I’m being honest despite reading and enjoying all of Zusak’s books his writing style is not really for me. But his characters – oh how I love his characters. Five brothers…”their mother is dead, their father has fled” and a vast array of stories, including a peg.


The Public

This movie had everything I love – books, libraries, humour, social action and love.

Starting with black and white footage of books and librarians and then opening into credits with song/rap lyrics ‘burn the books’ it had me right from word go (or perhaps from lights, camera, action)

The screening I saw was to raise funds for a local organisation that works with homeless, in this Homelessness Week. The movie itself was about an ‘occupation’ of a Cincinnati library due to freezing weather. It was poignant and meaningful. (Not to mention full of some well-known names)


I’m beginning to learn to appreciate mindfulness and the above quote is helpful. Except….when it comes to things like homelessness….shouldn’t we do something with the feelings? Along with mindfulness I’m trying really hard to practice kindness to myself, I know telling myself off for not doing more won’t help, and after all my children are fed….


So yes I definitely recommend The Public and Bridge of Clay is Markus Zusak special. I hope my energy lifts (more nutrition shakes?!) but if it doesn’t straight away I also know I will survive. Amongst it all there are moments of gratitude.

Wishing you all a blessed new week ahead


19 thoughts on “Feelings about The Public and life

      1. Ah, that doesn’t matter 🙂
        Do you have a weekend plan?
        P.S. I have told all my classmates about you and your farm and they were genuinely interested 🙂
        Thank you so much for letting me know so many things!

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      2. That’s awesome that you shared about the farm! We took some pigs in for show and tell at school last week and also a visit to a rest home where they were very well received! The movie was my only plan. How about you?

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  1. I wish all the catchy quotes about feelings didn’t make it sound like it’s easy to not let them get to us…my feelings are rarely just “visitors”–more like squatters who just won’t leave already! Blessings to you and your family ❤

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  2. Sounds interesting. I frequently see trailers and think, “That looks like a great movie.” I look up where it’s showing, and find out it’s in Australia. (I’m in Michigan, USA.) 😦
    PS I addressed possible approaches to the homeless in my post “Sucker or Cynic?” (January 18) with an anecdote from my, life at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yes I’m often late onto movie bandwagons, would it be on dvd? I’m finding myself liking and reading too many of your posts to get myself back quickly to Jan 18th! Do you have a link?


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