Starting Off Right

Have you ever started a job wrong and then had to re-start it right? … Um only like a million times!!

Apparently God’s biblical ‘heroes’ did too.

From Lutheran Hour Ministries – Daily Lenten Devotion 27th Feb 2020

You may remember the story of Moses and how he started his work. God found him tending sheep in the wilderness, and He spoke to him through a burning bush and sent him to set the people of Israel free. What you may not know is that Moses had already taken a whack at that job, 40 years before. He had attacked an Egyptian slave driver who was beating a Hebrew man. Moses’ self-appointed rescue job didn’t work out. He was accused as a murderer and he had to run for it. It was another 40 years before God called and sent him back to do it right (see Exodus 2:11-25). God’s call makes all the difference.

Today did not start right for me. I had a late night due to book-club (Yay! Wolf by Wolf – check it out). I slept in my daughters bottom bunk as my son had transferred to our bed (morning washing required). Said son slept in but needed a shower and only had a single bite of his breakfast. In all honesty I knew we weren’t  early but I didn’t think we were really running late, so I didn’t do my usual bus run speeding, but the bus didn’t come.

I was busting for the loo but had to drive the kids into town as for the first time we had TRULY missed the bus (we have needed to race it down a number of  times!). I pulled over one car on the 30 minute drive in, hoping it was the school’s local receptionist, no such luck. But we did meet the bus at the first intersection where the bitumen starts so I didn’t have to go ALL the way into town bra-less!

Over half an hour later than usual I got home and hear from my husband that we’d had a miscommunication around some funding we’d discussed that he DID want me to apply for. I ‘obviously’ hadn’t heard what he’d said to me, no possibility that perhaps that’s not how the conversation ended….hmm a bit defensive aren’t I?!

I found it a hard then to settle into my normal morning routine – cuppa, bible reading, job-list and go…. I was tempted to go back to bed but knew that would only make the job-list harder.

I put the bible aside, I put the washing on, made the bed, grabbed a blanket and curled up on top….and then I connected. I sent off some messages, spoke to my brother (who’s life complexities are currently much higher demand than mine, he and his wife are amazing humans and parents, I wish there was more I could do but God will answer my prayers and He IS with them too), read the above devotion and still wasted my morning away writing a blog (hehe) but it was the time-out I needed.

I needed one yesterday too at around lunch time and it allowed me to get on top of my afternoon jobs. I am learning and surprising myself and trying each day to start right, sometimes multiple times a day.

God’s biblical ‘heroes’ were all far from perfect, except for Jesus of course, who saves us from our imperfections and works with us, comforts us and calls us each day for a life with Him.


4 thoughts on “Starting Off Right

  1. Enjoyable light humorous storytelling and very relatable. Seeking perfect is always difficult, and wanting life to be always on a high is also. I aim for the middle road, could be a lot worse, could be a little better because I know millions have it worse.
    Enjoyed it 👍

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