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Kindness Pandemic

The last few weeks have seen so much change in our society and with it at times overwhelming anxiety. I confess to being scared to go to the shops unsure of what I’ll find. I’ve also been one of millions of parents thinking about the decision whether or not to send my children to school. Living in a country area, there’s a sense of false safety perhaps. But also living on a farm social isolation doe not feel all that new, and I know whats not entirely best for my mental health.

I was very blessed this week to be added to a facebook group with Mums from my sons class where we could share our choices and thinking. Within this group we also acknowledge the superhero efforts of our school and it’s staff and I can’t even describe the joy it gave me to be part of this group who arranged these gorgeous flowers for these very special people in ours and our childrens lives.


I’ve also been completely uplifted by The Kindeness Pandemic group on facebook recording kind deeds all over the place. Also learnt about Up Lit and read the darling book A man Called Ove today. So while the world may at times get us down, there always good to be found.

Praying for everyone in need at this time

God bless


ps I also recommend Humans of New York for good fuzzy feelings – have you got any recommendations? Any specific prayer requests? xo


9 thoughts on “Kindness Pandemic

  1. Agreed, lots of changes have come over our lives with the pandemic. Guess the right thing to do is keep on moving and take all the necessary precautions. Thanks for sharing! By the way, please join my blog too if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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  2. Hi Gee – wondering how it is going in your part of the world. In the USA (Pennsylvania) our kids are distance learning via computer for the remainder of the school year (ends in mid June). We’ve been at this for 7 weeks now and it’s been long enough that it feels like a new normal. I hope that you are doing well – I’ll need to check out that FB group.


    1. Hello!
      So lucky here in my state of Australia to have only had to have one real week off, this was used by the teachers to prepare for what we thought would be online learning this term but due to low case numbers here they have actually been able to return this week. So grateful. Definitely recommend the facebook group and finding sources of happiness! I’m glad it’s starting to feel normal – how have you been coping? God bless

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