Kindness Pandemic #2

Today I was truly blessed to spend time on our nearby River. Our family tend to be more in-landers/busy no time for fun farmers ( :p ) . Today however my son was invited to a birthday party down the river fishing with a classmate. Hubby was busy farming (sheep to bring in for shearing Monday) but the kids and I made another trek into town for the adventure.

An added bonus was I know the mother well and made a bold request.

Lately we’ve been catching up with another family of one of my son’s classmates. A note came home from school with a phone number suggesting an outing to a local playground – the boy’s both love soccer. A few weeks later I sent a text and made the connection so we could catch up. This family has been in Australia for 18 months, just 6 months in our local area. Whilst the children have attended international schools learning English all the way the mother is still learning, her native tongue being Arabic. It’s hard enough moving to a new town without any extra barriers (believe me as a somewhat itinerant pastor’s daughter, I know!).

I’m so proud when I made the late request yesterday asking if I could invite this family to join us, Mum and son said yes. I’m so excited to be getting introduced to lots of new cuisine and seeing the kids all have fun together. Life’s greatest joy (for me) is knowing I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life and today I’m sure I and all the beautiful people around me did just that.

Hope you too brought a smile to another’s face today πŸ™‚

God bless


2 thoughts on “Kindness Pandemic #2

  1. A giving heart, a true gift in our world especially right now. May you continue to share kindness with those around you.

    Thank you for sharing this little nugget of joy. πŸ™‚

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