COVID and 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19.

For me in country South Australia we were relatively unscathed but I still want to take a moment to reflect on what it meant for me.

March was when it really started to get real locally – there was so much unknown, people were pulling kids out of school, schools were feeling overwhelmed – I was scared of the possibility of schools closing, not sure how my mental health would cope. Empty supermarkets also made me anxious – I hate shopping and cooking at the best of times let alone when the shelves are empty, thankfully I bulk buy toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap so those supplies were fine!

In the end we only had one week of extra holidays – with a revision pack sent home from school, we did 3 days home schooling. I also attended a conference via zoom (and many more meetings over the year – a real plus for us country-dwellers). The next holidays felt sooo much better knowing there was an end date.

In SA we then had another lockdown in November which was again thankfully short lived. Event planning became much more involved with maximum numbers, check-ins and covid marshalling. As I write out these few thoughts I’m reminded again how lucky we were with limited lockdowns, cases and deaths. I know others have been much more affected.

This year I also obtained a masters degree, started a counseling business, dipped my toes in a now defunct political party, continued volunteer work in community mental health/suicide prevention and took on a new leadership role.

In 2020 I can also say I was mentally resilient (amongst the usual ups and downs) and I put into practice prioritising self-care.

In 2021 I hope to grow my business – more clients and maybe also incorporating community work.

I need to keep working on my health, particularly diet and I’d love to use house-moving to truly do a decluttering clean up!

So in summary I think my priorities will be…..

  1. Faith
  2. Family – quality time
  3. Diet (and exercise)
  4. Business
  5. Professional Development
  6. Housework
  7. Volunteer roles

No real new resolutions but I’ll keep an eye out for something to inspire me….

8 thoughts on “COVID and 2021

  1. 2020 sounds like it was a busy year even before you factor in Covid-19. Kudos to you for all those accomplishments and managing your mental health. Something I hope we are all more conscious of after a year such as the one that was.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

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  2. Congratulations! Despite Corona and your trepidations at the start, it seems you had a really productive and successful 2020. I hope that 2021 will be a continuation of that success.

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