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Feelings about The Public and life

Things weren’t going right last Wednesday – just little things – like not getting my preferred parking spots on the main drag in my small country town. Cos you know it meant I had walk a few extra metres….

And then this week I was just tired (it has been rather cold). Monday started out good, I had a cancellation = time to get ahead which surely would mean a head-start for Tuesday. Maybe if I’d had some motivation…

I still got through things. It just feels like whenever I’m close to getting on top with potential to get to the extra things i.e. cleaning out the darned spare room, things fall apart.

In all this I have finished a book AND saw an awesome movie today. So of course I can’t really complain.


Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak

It was another big book which took awhile to suck me in. And if I’m being honest despite reading and enjoying all of Zusak’s books his writing style is not really for me. But his characters – oh how I love his characters. Five brothers…”their mother is dead, their father has fled” and a vast array of stories, including a peg.


The Public

This movie had everything I love – books, libraries, humour, social action and love.

Starting with black and white footage of books and librarians and then opening into credits with song/rap lyrics ‘burn the books’ it had me right from word go (or perhaps from lights, camera, action)

The screening I saw was to raise funds for a local organisation that works with homeless, in this Homelessness Week. The movie itself was about an ‘occupation’ of a Cincinnati library due to freezing weather. It was poignant and meaningful. (Not to mention full of some well-known names)


I’m beginning to learn to appreciate mindfulness and the above quote is helpful. Except….when it comes to things like homelessness….shouldn’t we do something with the feelings? Along with mindfulness I’m trying really hard to practice kindness to myself, I know telling myself off for not doing more won’t help, and after all my children are fed….


So yes I definitely recommend The Public and Bridge of Clay is Markus Zusak special. I hope my energy lifts (more nutrition shakes?!) but if it doesn’t straight away I also know I will survive. Amongst it all there are moments of gratitude.

Wishing you all a blessed new week ahead


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Playing for Keeps

I just can’t watch romantic movies anymore and this coming from a former rom-com queen. My favourite was (is?) Pretty Woman and other favourites are Up Close and Personal, Runaway Bride, etc etc (Sleepless in Seattle, Jerry Maguire, Notting Hill, Love Actually, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Devil Wears Prada, 27 dresses, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Dirty Dancing, Juno, Enchanted, Coming to America, Pride and Prejudice, 10 Things I Hate About You, Joe Somebody sorry got a bit carried away there…)

I rarely watch them anymore though, I blame it on my husband who most certainly does not like the genre and a lack of time but also I just don’t find them as satisfying anymore.

For instance I just watched Playing For Keeps with Gerard Butler, Jessica Biele and co while yeah I did enjoy it, I’m also disappointed. **Spoilers Ahead**

Perhaps it’s a feminsit side coming out in me. The leading lady in this movie was about to marry a man but of course ends up with her ‘true love’ even after many disappointments. I am happy for her but mostly I’m

a) glad she didn’t cheat on her fiance but wishing she spoke to him about how she felt rather than him asking her

b) sad that we don’t know more of her story other than she’s a mother – in this movie the male lead is looking for work as a sports caster  and that’s a significant part of the movie. After the happy reunion at the end, everyone playing soccer on the front yard and before the credits start we find out he got his dream job but we don’t hear about her life outside of him and her son. I know the movie isn’t about her per se but I still believe she deserves more depth.

How about do you like rom coms? What is your favourite?

I may also be jaded by a very un-romantic husband and find it very hard to believe in any grand gestures!! Still love him but :p