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Three Thoughts

My first personal memory of a community in mourning was when a woman was murdered from a previous workplace of mine. Even when you may not be closely associated with a person, the magnitude of the loss of their life can still floor you. I guess that is how it is for some people with celebrity deaths.

In recent times my local community has been struck by tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. As I watched footage tonight of six young pall bearers I reflected on the honour that no person wants but that I was so blessed to have for My Friend. Thought One.

Secondly I’ve finally had the ‘holiday’ experience I’ve been dreaming of this week – ending the day with episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. But (spoiler alert) I’m watching the episodes about Keppner and Avery’s baby and reflecting on the choice I was once given to terminate my pregnancy. Mostly I consider the blessing I had to continue to carry him in my womb, for which I will forever be grateful. Thought Two.

Today was about tax, work notes, Telstra and chores. Thought Three – I hate end of year time as part of my in-laws family business. I hate what I feel to be judgement and a complete misunderstanding of who I am and my values. But on the bright side hubby and I have been communicating well and that is something I wish I could hang onto for all time.

Any thoughts you care to get off you chest?

God bless

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Small Communities

I may be biased, but country towns rock. I am so very fortunate and blessed to be part of a number of small country communities and this week I was inspired by another community to write about just how wonderful they are.

My Communities (in an attempted nutshell)

  • Family – immediate, extended and in-laws
  • Church Family – immediate, parish, state, country, world and heaven wide
  • Sporting community (for us football and cricket)
  • Town Community (state and country)
  • Various other small group/club communities
    • (think I may be pushing the definition of communities out a bit on this one)

Yesterday I attended a wedding for a beautiful couple from one of my communities. I love weddings and that feeling of looking around at your people and knowing just how blessed you are.

A seemingly common theme in my blog, death, is also a time for reflecting on those in your community and often it brings out and shows the strength of a community. From my cousins family…

“Thank you seems such a small word to say as we reflect on the enormous amount of love and support given to our family in the days that followed our beloved’s passing. We know as we write this letter that we are still not fully aware of all that was done for us during that time, as many of you acted anonymously or in a “behind the scenes” manner.
Your kindness, love, hugs, gifts of food, flowers, words of support and encouragement, warm presence and heartfelt sympathy embraced and comforted us. We were humbled by the magnitude of grace this amazing community possesses.
Your protective assistance with the unwelcome media attention was also very much appreciated.
His funeral service made us all incredibly proud of the man he was and the life he lived. Seeing thousands of people behind us, some of whom had travelled from all over the country, made us realise just how many lives he has touched. His larger than life personality stuck with every person he met and his memory lives on within each and every one of you.
The beauty of memory is that we hold it in our hearts forever. We will never forget the kindness and compassion you have shown us.”


A community is a place you belong, another family, a village for your children – in my experience a group of people you can rely on through thick and thin.


And lastly changing the tone a little and thinking about a community way out of my realm

To the Syrian regime,
Listen to the echo of my voice.
In my eyes this world has become lifeless.
In one moment I lost my country.
But these are your people too.
My heart’s broken because you’ve betrayed my country
And the life of this generation is destroyed.


To my people,
Be patient.
This crisis has shown you that your country is a treasure
But you see that it is only now that you have lost it.


(from The Lutheran vol. 50 no.2)

Getting to know me – and you (Liebster Award)

Myzania nominated me for a  pass-it-along question and answer thing – I would love to get to know some of my followers/readers better so please join in! (Thank you Myznia 🙂

  1. What is your favourite book/ movie? Favourite Book = Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and Movie = Pretty Woman
  2. Do you prefer to read books or watch movies/T.V.? Reading without a doubt,but some nights require a movie and I do love getting into a good tv show – unfortunately they seem a rarity these days
  3. What song or songs bring out the most emotion in you and why? I really like listening to music but am not very good at following it (as in knowing artists and their songs). Recently I have enjoyed listening to Backstreet Boys (reminds me of my primary school days) and Taylor Swift but my all-time favourite is At the beginning from the movie Anastacia
  4. What makes you laugh? my children
  5. What gets you angry – and how do you deal with that? (‘That’ being the situation and /or the anger itself.) My husband most often! I try to deal with this by taking a step back – I can generally then see other influences ie tiredness, lack of communication on my behalf etc which lessens the anger. I also try and pray for him/us
  6. What are you passionate about? Social justice and making a difference in small ways ie shopping local
  7. What is your earliest memory? Hmmm – my childhood home in QLD, my best friend lived across the road and the backyard where I played with my brothers.
  8. Do you have/ want a pet? My pet dog now lives with my parents and I should never get another pet as I am not a particularly responsible owner. My husband has a pet dog who shares our home though and he is an important part of our lives
  9. What is your favourite time of year? (Holiday, season, etc.) I’m loving January at the moment – we tend to have family holidays this time of year and I also seem to mange to make headway on goals around the home
  10. What is your favourite type of weather? A nice warm day, 30 degrees is perfect
  11. How long have you been blogging and what made you start? Less than a year, was something I had been thinking about for awhile.

I’ve had a lovely week away at the beach with my family and some friends. Only one more week until my oldest starts school for the first time – lots happening at the moment.

Now my questions for you – would love it if you joined in the conversation in the comments.

  1. What is your favourite weekend activity?
  2. What was your favourite year level at school and why?
  3. What is something you are passionate about?
  4. Do you have a day job – what is it?
  5. What do you enjoy reading most – a favourite blog/book/magazine/genre…..?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend