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Things I Like

I wasn’t sure what to blog about today so checked out Discover for some inspiration and found it straight away…

Jessica Gross’ Things We Like started as a simple idea: Each post featured 10 specific things the author enjoys. It’s now an exhibit at the New York Public Library.

via List-Making Love: A Conversation with Things We Like Creator Jessica Gross — Discover

Things Gee Jen likes

  1. When my children hold hands and giggle
  2. Going in to check on the kids before going to bed, realising she does love them even after all they put her through
  3. Reading, reading and reading – books, blogs, articles…
  4. The satisfying feeling when finishing a good book or movie
  5. When either of the above compels me to learn more
  6. Indulging in an hour massage
  7. Staying away from home with my husband
  8. Taking a moment to enjoy the natural environment around me – i.e. a sunset, changing colours of crops
  9. Making a difference in a person’s life – through work, random acts of kindness or just being there
  10. Checking out my sexy husband

And cos I could think of more…

  1. Experiencing the sense of home i.e. driving back into my hometown, re-reading a childhood novel
  2. Eating dessert prepared just for me (thanks Mum!)
  3. Feeling productive – realising at the end of the day I have actually completed what i needed to
  4. Reading over old letters/diary entries/facebook memories
  5. Being on top of my to do list i.e. having bought and sent a card for a friends upcoming birthday
  6. Writing our annual Christmas letter in my head
  7. Stealing moments for myself when my children are happily engaged in an activity
  8. Listening to my children playing nicely together or with a special friend/ family member
  9. Napping
  10. Feeling proud of my childrens, husbands, friends achievements

That’ll do, would you like to share some of yours?

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Snatches of Time

I was just about to have a Sunday afternoon nap. It was the perfect opportunity, Mr. 3 was finally down for a sleep and Miss 6 was set up with a movie in the lounge room. Except I started doing what I often do – checking/justifying if I could indeed give myself a break or if I needed to be using this snatch of time for a more useful purpose.

There was indeed plenty I could be doing housework wise but… it is the weekend so well you know. Then I also knew there was study I could be doing… but again, come on it’s a sunday afternoon. Next I started looking at my week ahead – in town all day tomorrow so really only Tuesday morning for housework, hmmm that’s not a lot of time, enough maybe to keep on top of it but not to get ahead and I am really keen to get my bedroom and study presentable-ish.

I’ve had a good couple weeks of taking things a bit easy, recovering from end of semester, then surviving the school holidays plus I’ve started reading a 7+ book series! Then I started thinking about a possible blog post idea and here I am out of bed typing away.

This is I believe my hardest stay-a-home struggle, justifying how I spend my time. I’m not much of a cook or housekeeper so I don’t claim that’s what takes up my time. I do a little bit of volunteer work but nothing that should be too time-consuming and of course I do work 1-2 days a week but I also spend a lot of time reading or face-booking. And mothering, we all know that’s a hard gig but I’d be lying if I tried to say there was no down-time. It’s unpredictable so you can’t plan for those moments of peace and you never know how long they’ll last but they do exist, indeed I’m hoping I’ve got about 2hours worth up my sleeve right now.

Then I start to feel guilt, I know Hubby doesn’t get these snatches of time during his work day (although he does get sleep ins and lunch breaks!) to do whatever he wants. And here I am out of bed instead of resting my truly weary eyes.

I will go back to bed now, I’m pretty sure I’ll get some time a bit later to hang the washing up, cook tea, maybe organise my study folders and most importantly read??


How do you spend your free-time? Do you get the guilts?

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Home Day Whinge

It’s been a weird day. My first full day at home in 12 days. I guess most people don’t spend full days at home but living half hour out of town – from shops, services etc. I often have a home day which involves seeing no one but my husband or maybe the in-laws.

Well it was often in my early days as a Mum, now it seems to be getting rarer and rarer and I NEED these days to catch up on life.

Today I was extra lucky as my daughter was happily playing with her cousin who had a sleepover the nigth before, I was still in bed at 8! And possibly could have stayed longer except there was so much I wanted to get done today. I started off well (thanks to a daily plan from Fly Lady) but after morning tea and numerous meltdowns from my kids I was tired, tired, tired. I tried to stay motivated, especially as I knew my husband was likewise tired but he still had to go to work – it felt like a losing battle.

Thankfully I got outside and ended up helping hubby and father-in-law with tailing lambs, a productive use of my afternoon (never mind the jobs that undoubtedly wouldn’t have got done even if I was at home).

Kids now in bed, facebook looked at (and so boring – what is going on!!) but again I’m tired, tired, tired and nothing feels that urgent that I should stretch myself to do it tonight. I’ll probably end up reading for a bit before going to sleep all before 9.30pm! Everywhere I look there are jobs that could be done and I know I’m no more likely to do them tomorrow but…

Well it is friday night and I can tick 2/7 items off my to do list. Next week big girl will be back at school and I’ll have time again…oh wait study…

Life IS really good at the moment and today was better than expected but now at the end of the day, I’m not satisfied but neither am I motivated and so I shall just whinge away on my wordpress account.

Good night all – please share your friday night whinge so I don’t feel alone (and have something to keep me up to a respectable hour)! And then go on and enjoy your weekend, that’s what I hope to do!!    – oh wait netball tomorrow….have a mentioned netty politics yet…. :p




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Small Communities

I may be biased, but country towns rock. I am so very fortunate and blessed to be part of a number of small country communities and this week I was inspired by another community to write about just how wonderful they are.

My Communities (in an attempted nutshell)

  • Family – immediate, extended and in-laws
  • Church Family – immediate, parish, state, country, world and heaven wide
  • Sporting community (for us football and cricket)
  • Town Community (state and country)
  • Various other small group/club communities
    • (think I may be pushing the definition of communities out a bit on this one)

Yesterday I attended a wedding for a beautiful couple from one of my communities. I love weddings and that feeling of looking around at your people and knowing just how blessed you are.

A seemingly common theme in my blog, death, is also a time for reflecting on those in your community and often it brings out and shows the strength of a community. From my cousins family…

“Thank you seems such a small word to say as we reflect on the enormous amount of love and support given to our family in the days that followed our beloved’s passing. We know as we write this letter that we are still not fully aware of all that was done for us during that time, as many of you acted anonymously or in a “behind the scenes” manner.
Your kindness, love, hugs, gifts of food, flowers, words of support and encouragement, warm presence and heartfelt sympathy embraced and comforted us. We were humbled by the magnitude of grace this amazing community possesses.
Your protective assistance with the unwelcome media attention was also very much appreciated.
His funeral service made us all incredibly proud of the man he was and the life he lived. Seeing thousands of people behind us, some of whom had travelled from all over the country, made us realise just how many lives he has touched. His larger than life personality stuck with every person he met and his memory lives on within each and every one of you.
The beauty of memory is that we hold it in our hearts forever. We will never forget the kindness and compassion you have shown us.”


A community is a place you belong, another family, a village for your children – in my experience a group of people you can rely on through thick and thin.


And lastly changing the tone a little and thinking about a community way out of my realm

To the Syrian regime,
Listen to the echo of my voice.
In my eyes this world has become lifeless.
In one moment I lost my country.
But these are your people too.
My heart’s broken because you’ve betrayed my country
And the life of this generation is destroyed.


To my people,
Be patient.
This crisis has shown you that your country is a treasure
But you see that it is only now that you have lost it.


(from The Lutheran vol. 50 no.2)
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Those Moments

I want to write about two things today – both are moments that make you stop and take stock, one more positive than the other, and we’ll start with that.

I’ve been extra in love with my kids this week – do you ever have times like that where they just seem extra cute and you have the energy to really appreciate them? Could quite likely be a little boys birthday coming up making me especially sentimental but I’ve found myself this week just wishing at numerous times to stop and take a photo, find some way to capture and remember their joy for life, their love for me and each other and their uniqueness. I love these moments!

Unfortunately I’ve experienced other moments which I have no fear of forgetting – they will always remain, the experience of answering those dreaded phone calls

There was a funeral last week of a fun and cheerful man, a loving husband and a fantastic father. He was my cousins husband. I was doing work at Mum and Dads when my uncle rang – I chatted to him easily, giving him his sisters mobile number and then he told me the reason for his call – this man had died whilst on a bucks show…utter devastation.


And it took me back to 2011 when in the early hours of the morning I received  a phone call from my husbands brother’s father in law. I was standing at our phone with speaker on, unable to find the cordless when he asked me to sit down. I thought immediately of the baby that had just been born, but no this man’s daughter had died, was gone – how could this be…

Two things in life nothing can every prepare you for – the love you feel for your children and the overwhelming sadness of loss.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.’

Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Sleeptime Battles

Not the best start to the morning folks. While my children are now (practically) 3 and 5 – sleep time issues are still a common issue. It is particularly hard on my husband who is NOT a morning person.

On New Year’s Eve we put them together in the same room, I can’t say for sure it’s been worse sine then but it certainly hasn’t been easier!

I do think the issues come in dips and troughs (is that even the saying?! *edit peaks and troughs maybe?) but once you are in the midst of them they feel never-ending.

I wish I could remind my dear hubby what it was like when they were younger and literally waking up throughout the night, as it is for sure better than that but we still have constant visitors and battles at both bed time and in the morning.

My 5yo daughter goes to bed reasonably well – after an hour or so (probably increased since having a playmate in her room), she’s just so tired. Our son however…….I believe he would try and stay awake all night.

We put our kids to bed at 7 mostly rain, hail or shine because by then I just need SPACE. When they were in their own rooms we would just shut our sons door and eventually 1.5 hours or so later he would fall asleep (I know it seems cruel to have him in their awake so long but this is parenthood I’m trying to survive). Closing the door is not so easy a solution now as the screaming would wake child no.1 so late nights are common – he often only goes to sleep when one of us decide to call it a night and cuddle with him.

So that’s night time, but wait it’s not over, next we are woken up before the crack of dawn….

This morning Dancing Girl (yep just came up with a new name) came in at 2am – I’m starting to think I really need to take her back but at 2-4am I tend to just roll over. Then Farmer Boy came in so I snuck over DG and cuddled up with him in his bed, then she came back to their room 5.45ish, I asked her to go back to bed with Dad until 6am and then she could go watch tv. Dad however said she needed to stay til 6.30 and thats when all hell broke loose. Lots of tears and bed swapping later I was up with both kids in the lounge by 6.30.

I get frustrated with Hubby as he always wants them to have more sleep, well so do I but I know that once their ‘awake’ there’s not much chance of that happening so I’m more willing to let them up, particularly if there’s a chance the other will stay asleep without them around. Sigh.

On the plus side we did get to sleep in til just before 7 this morning as finally they were that worn out – takes three or so bad days to get to that stage though!!


How did/do you survive sleeptime battles?


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Ooops blog failure

My aim for this blog is to post at least once a week, but looking at my stats today it’s been 8 days sine my last posting – ooops.

Today feels like a Saturday for me. My first day ‘off-ish’ since I last posted. Life is quite busy, and I still have to catch up on the dishes from a roast lunch with friends on Sunday!

Last Thursday I went down to the big smoke for an interview….and I got accepted into a Masters course on Counselling. Feeling pretty excited but as my husband keeps kindly reminding me – I will have to somehow fit the study in!

On Friday I was interviewed for a research study by a Phd in Philosophy candidate – was different to what I had expected but a pretty good experience. I also had to rush my daughter after school to her ballet studio for her uniform fitting, thank goodness we got there when we did, the line after was looonng.

Saturday was cricket and pool party, Sunday church and visitors.

Then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked and it’s already Friday again – still havn’t finished the dishes but getting oh so close and on the positive side, I had a nap ysterday.

So yes life is busy – but good 🙂



That Wonderful Time of Year

Life has been pretty good to me the last few weeks. I’ve been experiencing that wonderful feeling when you come out from a depression and everything just feels so amazingly better. I’ve got more energy, motivation and feel happy and content. I’ve also again realised just how crappy depression is for making you feel so awful.

I feel very fortunate to have made it out of the hole in time for Christmas – I’ve been able to get organised even writing my annual Christmas letters.

Big achievements for my family this year were

  • my daughter completed her year of kindy – where she truly thrived and matured. She is a clever, friendly, even helpful (!) young lady and has made us so proud. Throughout the year she participated in Preschool Games (mini Olympics), Grandparents day and visits with police, fire and ambulance personnel to name just a few highlights. She also caught the bus, and is so very ready for school
  • my son at 2 started family day care once a week . He loves babies especially his new cousins – when he gets to see them. He has a big love of all things farm and machinery, loving going with Grandpa to check sheep or rides in trucks/tractors/headers. He attended two concerts this year Wiggles and Fairies, he sat so still and engrossed at both it was hard to know if he enjoyed , but constant requests to go back for more got the message across.
  • my husband played in two grand finals for cricket and football, sadly coming second in both. He still came home with several more trophies. He also continued his gardening passion. The kids particularly love picking peas with him and we have flowers too. Harvest went well.
  • A few achievements for myself were organising a movie night to raise money for White Ribbon (domestic violence) and successfully applying for a grant to get funding for a play area at our local sporting ground

My Pa passed away earlier this month, he was my last remaining grandparent. While I will miss him I am so very happy that he is now in heaven, his long awaited destination after a life dedicated to Jesus. His funeral was a special occasion with 11/13 of his grandchildren present and all 15 great-grandchildren, we went to a park together to catch up.

Last week I returned to work, I m doing an extra day, two days a week and so far it’s gone well. Amazing how much easier life is when you have confidence in your self. I hope you too are feeling well and have some lovely plans for over the next few days

God bless



Christmas Shopping

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

  • Get in all on lay-by in the June/July toy sales?
  • Buying all year long?
  • Organised in October or November?
  • Or last minute?

I’m a  start thinking in October it would be great to get organised early this year. 2. Stress in November that I’m not organised. 3. Have a day in December where I get majority of it done (this year with hubby in tow) and then bemoan myself for all my stressing. Although I’m sure the last step is start stressing again about the little things I still need to get done!!

Had to write this post before I went to bed tonight to remind myself it’s ok to leave the shopping until December. It always gets done. Today was a productive shopping day, my kids are pretty well done and I have a good idea about those still to be completed. Such a relief!

Next question – who do you buy for?

My husband and I are a bit scroogy. We buy for the kids obviously, sometimes for each other. Still doing all the nieces and nephews (we have 8), then Kris Kringle for two of the adults on my side of the family and this year we are trialling a random present (game style) on hubby’s side – bit excited about that actually as Kris Kringle has pretty well become ask what the person wants somewhat covertly and buy it, not a lot of creativity. Don’t do many presents for friends depends on my mood!

Wishing you successful shopping!!




Melancholy (a week in the life of GJMOTW)

I’ve been feeling tired this week. I was about to say it was finally a quieter week but no I was in town four out of five days (hour round trip). I didn’t have any major tasks though and we used all our data so internet speed is next to zero plus I have no books on the go.

Its 6pm on a Friday night and I’m home alone, hubby has taken the kids to the neighbours and I’m preparing to go out with a girlfriend for a show. It’s so nice to have some alone time. I don’t know if its menstrual moods, depression swings or what but I feel like I have a lot of emotions within me I went to let loose – preferably through tears but because it’s not really about anything in particular nothing is happening and I just feel….melancholy.

Some events from my week:

-my two year old is enjoying going through a defiant stage, I dearly want my lovable son back!

-we did a school tour with my five year old – now that is a major mixed bag of emotions

-work was busy – joint visit with client and family discussing importance of looking into an assessment for memory loss, a mother worried about her daughter married to an alcoholic – such a caring lady with no sense of self-worth and I worry she lacks the trust that God’s grace is enough, a fly through with a lonely lady and finding out a client has bone cancer and won’t be receiving active treatment for it

-GP appointment which actually went well – reassurance about anti-depressant dosage, contraception and recurring headaches

-a meeting with a potential work friend/mentor/study partner cancelled due to expecting a death in the family another one went ahead but just havn’t had head space this week to look into possibly further study options (good to discuss though)

So now I best get shoes on, bag packed and enjoy my night.

What are you up to?