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Is it over yet?

Thank you to  Picture My Thoughts by Myra Johnson for bringing this verse to my attention

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.

—Genesis 8:22

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Myra very encouragingly explained this as a description of how God is always available and trustworthy. I however have my farmers wife cap on and am thinking of the predictability of long lonely weeks!

The crops are all in as of today, only the header to clean until we can officially declare it! However its already a few weeks too late for me, I’m tired, he’s tired and grumpiness ensues. I’ve booked in a Christmas shopping day later this week so know I can’t really complain but….

I think this may actually be the hardest period for me, he’s finally finished, I can finally have all those conversations I’ve been saving up, make all those requests I’ve known were impossible at the time. It’s also time for him to recover though and unfortunately our needs don’t seem to align too well.

I will try and be patient for another week or two. I’m just upset night one hasn’t gone too swimmingly though… I’ll need your help God!



ps I do have to note that Hubby has kindly taken our three year old out on many header rides this season which was wonderfully amazing downtime for me! (credit where credit is due)


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Home Day Whinge

It’s been a weird day. My first full day at home in 12 days. I guess most people don’t spend full days at home but living half hour out of town – from shops, services etc. I often have a home day which involves seeing no one but my husband or maybe the in-laws.

Well it was often in my early days as a Mum, now it seems to be getting rarer and rarer and I NEED these days to catch up on life.

Today I was extra lucky as my daughter was happily playing with her cousin who had a sleepover the nigth before, I was still in bed at 8! And possibly could have stayed longer except there was so much I wanted to get done today. I started off well (thanks to a daily plan from Fly Lady) but after morning tea and numerous meltdowns from my kids I was tired, tired, tired. I tried to stay motivated, especially as I knew my husband was likewise tired but he still had to go to work – it felt like a losing battle.

Thankfully I got outside and ended up helping hubby and father-in-law with tailing lambs, a productive use of my afternoon (never mind the jobs that undoubtedly wouldn’t have got done even if I was at home).

Kids now in bed, facebook looked at (and so boring – what is going on!!) but again I’m tired, tired, tired and nothing feels that urgent that I should stretch myself to do it tonight. I’ll probably end up reading for a bit before going to sleep all before 9.30pm! Everywhere I look there are jobs that could be done and I know I’m no more likely to do them tomorrow but…

Well it is friday night and I can tick 2/7 items off my to do list. Next week big girl will be back at school and I’ll have time again…oh wait study…

Life IS really good at the moment and today was better than expected but now at the end of the day, I’m not satisfied but neither am I motivated and so I shall just whinge away on my wordpress account.

Good night all – please share your friday night whinge so I don’t feel alone (and have something to keep me up to a respectable hour)! And then go on and enjoy your weekend, that’s what I hope to do!!    – oh wait netball tomorrow….have a mentioned netty politics yet…. :p