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National Shame

Last week Sammy Hope wrote a blog about judgement that rung bells in my head, especially in light of something I’d just read  –

“My church bulletin talked about judging this week in relation to the eighth commandment… it was a much needed learning especially in light of social media “we should remember that no one has the right to pass judgement on anyone else and rebuke him in public…theres nothing wrong with knowing it but we don’t have the right to pass judgement”

Today I wanted to share an article on my Facebook feed – (link here)

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But wouldn’t this be a prime example of passing judgment. Who am I to compare the sin’s of others? Why is it (as Sammy asked) so hard to get off our Self Righteous Horses?

And yet don’t we also need to advocate against issues like domestic violence in our society?

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Sin and forgiveness. Shame. Does Jesus forgive even Steve Smith?! Even Matt Lodge? Sin and consequences…are some sins worse than others…what should the consequences be? What is the media or society’s role? Does society know its own demons?

On this Good Friday the one thing I know is that Jesus died for me, and Praise God, Gtook my multitude of sins upon himself on the cross. 

Sammy suggested that we need to remember that only love and acceptance can win people over.  Please pray that people will recognize their sins and that as Christians we can show them the way to the cross, the only place where true forgiveness can be found.




All you need is love

“All you need is love” – this was on a wedding invitation I received this year. I hated it, hugely cynical all I could think about was that this was a second marriage for both partners, and if all you need is love what happened in their first marriages? Didn’t they have any love for their first husband/wife? *

This weekend marriage was legalised for homosexual couples in all states of America. I do not rejoice in this news. I am a christian and I believe God created us man and woman for a purpose and I believe homosexuality is a sin.

The problem I face is that I am one of the biggest sinners out there, on par with all other sinners in this world. My reprieve is found in the cross, Jesus’ sacrificial death, His grace, which has forgiven me all my sins.

So when people say love is love is love I find it hard to disagree. How can I say the love I feel for my husband (mostly!) is more pure than a gay or lesbian couple feel for each other? I can’t. I don’t understand how God allows these feelings to occur, but I imagine it is the Devils work. (Which I realise is a hugely horrible thing to say about the love a person feels). I don’t believe a person chooses to have homosexual feelings but I do believe as a christian they have the choice whether or not to act on them. This is in the knowledge that I too know sinning is wrong yet I do it on a daily basis. No sin is worse than another sin but we can make choices to help us stay away from sin ie not living together before marriage.

So again I go back to the saying love is love is love and I’ll add except when its not. I sometimes see on facebook posts about how all children need is love and I disagree. Yes love is hugely hugely important but so too is food, shelter and security. And in the same way love is not enough in marriage, it is a commitment to work together even when love is not altogether present.

I do not wish to discriminate against LGBT communities. We all have our own choices in life to make. I support civil unions as I believe these couples deserve the same equal rights as married couples but I believe God ordained marriage as between a man and a woman and for that reason I do not support gay marriage.

These two articles express my opinions well  and